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Not a Problem! Our in house designers are happy to help. 

Screen Printing

"The typical shirt"

Plastisol ink that gets cured onto the garment. This is the most common type of apparel printing and is what is mostly seen in stores.

  • Low Bulk Costs

  • Print has a long lifespan

  • Pricing based on: Quantity, # colors and # locations 

  • Minimum Quantity: 20 pieces

Water Based
Screen Printing

"Can't feel it/dyed in"

This is that type of ink is a newer option in the industry that allows us to dye the image into the shirt so you cannot feel the printed image

  • Low Bulk costs

  • Fades into shirt for vintage feel

  • No "heavy" print on shirt

  • Pricing based on: Quantity, # colors and # locations 

  • Minimum Quantity: 20 pieces



Threads that have been machine sewn to create an image or text. Often used on Hats, Polos and Jackets.  Premium printing option.

  • Good for big and small quantities

  • Looks professional 

  • Pricing based on: Quantity, stitch count, area of coverage

  • Minimum Quantity: 1*

Direct to Garment

"Picture on shirt"

DTG allows us to directly print a picture or design onto a shirt without it being a vector file.

  • # colors has no play in price

  • Can put full pictures on shirt

  • Okay print lifespan

  • Pricing based on: Quanity, print size, # locations, dark or light shirt

  • Minimum Quantity: 1*

"Plastic on shirt"

While vinyl isnt the best quality print to give to consumers, it allows us to make small batch orders, do numbering or lettering and create samples for clients. 

  • Can do names and numbers

  • customization options

  • samples to take preorders/picture

  • Pricing based on: Quantity, print area, #colors, # locations

  • Minimum Quantity: 1*

* Though some minimum quantities may be 1 in certain cases, we are a bulk supplier and do not print shirts in quantities of 1 unless extraneous circumstances.


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*Laser engraving also available*


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